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Metal profile sheet systems provide an efficient and reliable solution to the need to build envelopes of single story buildings. Over the years, these systems have evolved from the single skin metal cladding often associated with agricultural buildings to highly developed systems used with industrial, retrial and leisure applications. However, as with all construction components, the ability of the cladding to satisfy its functional requirements is dependent on its correct specification and installation.

Metal profile sheets are metal structural members that due to the fact they can have different profiles, with different heights and different thickness, Our G&S specialist can use them for a huge variety of buildings, from a simple industrial building to a high demand design building. Trapezoidal profiles are large metal structural members to the profiling and its thickness; retain their high load bearing capability. They have been developed from the corrugated profile. The profile programme offered by specific manufacturers covers a total of approx. 60 profile shapes with different heights. Cassettes are components that are mainly used as the inner shell in dual-shell wall constructions. They are mainly used in walls today, even though they were originally designed for use in roofs.

Metal profile sheets due to their versatility mechanical and design properties can be used as roof and roof cladding, as external walls and wall cladding and also as floors. They are used in industry and in residential sector, and the two sectors can be used in both new construction and rehabilitation.

where metal profile sheets are used are:

  • industrial buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • public buildings
  • sport buildings
  • educational buildings
  • offices and administration buildings
  • multi-storey buildings
  • power plants
  • residential house
  • high design demand buildings